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Sir Mark joins call to ensure access to milk in Preston schools and nurseries.

Sir Mark Hendrick has joined the School and Nursery Milk Alliance, the leading body representing organisations from the dairy, health and education sectors to support school and nursery milk. The Alliance aims to highlight the benefits of milk to children and encourage its increased consumption.

Milk is the natural and healthy option for school and nursery aged children. It contains the vitamins and minerals vital for good dental health, bone development, and plays a key role in a healthy diet, helping to tackle childhood obesity. Milk can be delivered to children in schools and nurseries cost effectively and in convenient packaging. The benefits of milk make its provision to children essential, especially in light of increasing rates of dental decay and childhood obesity.

Sir Mark said: 'Although Defra say they are committed to post-Brexit national milk programme, I am keen to maintain the standards set by the previous EU funded scheme to ensure that all children over the age of five receive a subsidised portion of milk.'

All maintained schools and new academies are required to provide children with milk at least once during the school day as part of the School Food Standards, which was introduced in January 2015.


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