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 Please check that you are one of my constituents before you contact me by entering your postcode here. ​

If your issue relates to Preston City Council or Lancashire County Council, then please approach your Council representative.  You can find your representative by clicking the links below:

If your issue relates to parliamentary or national issues, please feel free to contact me.  Please explain the issue as clearly as possible and include all relevant information, including :


  • your full name

  • postal address including postcode

  • contact telephone number

  • the name of the organisation that you are having issues with

  • reference numbers (if applicable)

  • relevant dates

  • further names, addresses and dates of birth of other affected individuals (if relevant)

If your email contains sensitive information that you do not wish to be disclosed to a third party, please indicate this clearly in your email.

Please email me at

If you would prefer to write to me, my correspondence address is:

Sir Mark Hendrick MP

House of Commons



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