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Fairtrade Fortnight at St Stephen's School

I was invited by St Stephen's School pupils, Dahiru, Keita and William to attend their 'Going Cocoa' event during Fairtrade Fortnight.

During the fortnight, the children had been learning about the impact of climate change on farming and how unfair this is for underprivileged farmers.

The school representatives Dahiru ,Keita, Mumtaz and Abdul along with Headteacher Mrs Wright gave me a tour of the school. We stopped by each classroom, from nursery up to Year 6, to see what they had learnt about the Fairtrade movement and sample some of the food items they had made using fair trade cocoa. These included chocolate flavoured scones, mousse and ice-cream.

From left to right: Mumtaz, Keita, Mark, Dahiru and Abdul


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