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Call to help Afghans stuck in 'third countries' to the UK

Before the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan in August this year, I was unaware of quite how many of my constituents were of Afghan origin and have immediate extended families caught up in the crisis.

The people who got in touch with me related numerous horror stories about the violence and persecution that their family members, friends and former colleagues were facing. This included becoming homeless, having no access to money or healthcare and Taliban forces actively looking for people who had worked for the previous Government or helped British Forces in their efforts.

Two months on, we are still in a situation where loved ones over there are still are still at risk of persecution and some people have fled risking their lives, to neighbouring 'third countries' like Pakistan and Iran.

I have added my support to the letter to the Foreign Secretary, calling on the UK Government to provide safe passage routes for people stuck in these third countries, often alone with no other members of their family, to come to the UK to join their families .


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