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First Fishwick Homes now receiving renovation from Energy Charity

I am thrilled to announce that work has begun on the first set of homes in Fishwick with faulty external insulation which was installed between January and June 2013.

A public engagement event was held on 27th May 2022 at Preston Community Action Hub with the National Energy Action (NEA) to explain the next steps to householders and the local community. The event was well attended and gave Fishwick residents the opportunity to speak face to face with NEA representatives.

Pictured above with me is Adam Scorer, Chief Executive of NEA.

Poverty energy charity, National Energy Action (NEA) will work in partnership with local firms Seddon Construction and Aldrock to start remedial work on the first twenty properties which are worst affected. I approached the charity in 2019 to help secure funding and assistance after a long battle with various government departments, none of whom wanted to take responsibility for putting the work right. I lobbied Government Ministers at the former Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC), Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and more recently the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). I also tabled an Adjournment Debate in Parliament in 2018 to bring this to the attention of the Government.

The initial works were carried out by contractors in 2012, who installed external wall insulation as part of a national energy efficiency scheme that should have made it cheaper and easier to keep warm. The company was no longer trading by the time the issues came to light which meant no one could be held accountable for the failures.

The problem properties were first brought to my attention in 2016 and a public meeting was held in the area to discuss the many issues that residents were experiencing as a result of the poor workmanship. This included severe damp, mould, water ingress and unsafe cladding.

I personally inspected some of the worst hit properties along with NEA. NEA were brought in to see if they could help with securing funding and assisting some of the worst affected properties. A further public meeting was held just before the pandemic to inform local residents of the survey works needed to be carried out to assess the affected properties. This work had to be put on hold during COVID 19.

Call the help line on 0800 915 9075


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