Mark Hendrick MP- Your Labour & Co-operative Member of Parliament for Preston


Welcome to my web page. I am Mark Hendrick, Labour & Co-operative Member of Parliament and I represent the people of Preston. On this website you will find out what I do as an MP, my recent visits in Preston and what I have been doing in Westminster on behalf of my constituents. You can read my latest newsletter here.


What can Mark help you with?

As your MP for Preston I am here to help with any matters relating to Parliament and Central Government including: CSA, DWP/Benefits, legislation, immigration, Inland Revenue, taxation, the economy, national insurance, defence and national security, energy, equal opportunities and state pensions.

City Councillors and County Councillors can help you on matters concerning council tax, environmental health, highways, housing, libraries, parks, street lighting, social work and planning.


Mark in Parliament

Current Session: 2015-2016

Written: Includes questions and answers

Spoken: Includes questions and debates


Early Day Motions

A full list of Early Day Motions that Mark has signed in the current Parliamentary Session can be found here.

Click on the links below to view the full text of the Early Day Motions that Mark has sponsored.

Raising Literacy Levels in Prisons

National Debate on Child Protection

Commemoration of John F Kennedy

Palestinian Refugees From Syria

Occupied Palestinian Territories Area E1

Illicit Tobacco trade

Preston Guild

Anti-Slavery Day 2011

Health Effects of Shisha Smoking

Slavery and Human Trafficking


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