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Third Sector Conference in Preston a huge success

I organised a conference for third sector organisations; charities, voluntary and community groups to come together and listen to a range of brilliant guest speakers on a variety of issues which might help them navigate the difficult times that all the third sector are currently facing.

Pictured from left: Scott Smith, Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Trust, Christine Blythe, Lorraine Khalaf, Mark Hendrick, Tim Crampton, Neil Renwick and Glen McDonnell.

The event was attended by over a hundred industry professionals and consisted of a series of talks and networking opportunities. Attendees were handed colour coded badges to help them identify other people working in their area of work such as youth work, advocacy, faith and food poverty.

The event was held at the Salvation Army with opening remarks from Captain Dominic Eaton from Preston Salvation Army. Glen McDonell, Project Support Officer at Preston Community Network who gave a presentation on how to use social media to your advantage. Other speakers included Liz Mossop, Preston City Council, Christine Blythe, Lancashire Association of CVS, Tim Crampton, Grantfinder, Neil Renwick Funding Officer, National Lottery who spoke about writing successful bids, and Lorraine Khalaf, NHS Mental Health Helpline Services Manager who spoke about the service, it's impact and the need for properly trained volunteer advisors.

The feedback I was received was extremely positive, with many attendees reporting that this was their first large scale event in Preston post pandemic and the usefulness of the content and contacts made.


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