Mark hosts talks with Civil Nuclear Industry in Parliament

(March 12, 2014)

Mark hosted an event with Albert Owen MP and Rolls Royce on Wednesday 5th March to discuss the civil nuclear energy industry.

Speaking at the event was Michael Fallon, Minister of State for Energy, Tom Greatrex, Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change, Gill Wood, National Secretary of Prospect, John Idris Jones, Director of the Energy Island Programme, and Paul Harris Executive Vice-President of Business Development at Nuclear Rolls Royce.

The event attracted a good turnout comprising of representatives from the civil nuclear industry and parliamentarians, who were brought together to listen to and discuss their own concerns about future government policy.

Since the first commercial nuclear power station was opened in Cumbria, nearly sixty years ago, the nuclear industry has thrived in the UK and encompasses the full range of nuclear activity from the design of a new build to decommissioning and waste management.

The growth of the future industry will inevitably place a demand on the need to extend the UK nuclear supply chain and engage with new companies.

One of the major discussion points focused on the need for parliamentarians of all political leanings to get behind new nuclear build, which would create thousands of jobs and train many high skilled employees, as well as contributing to the growing need for energy security and renewable energy.

Mark said: ‘The event was very successful and we saw a constructive engagement between the Minister and Shadow Minster as well as the representatives from the industry.  The Minister went away with a great understanding of the industry and also MP’s concerns.  I will be following this event up with a discussion document to circulate to both my parliamentary colleagues and industry representatives.’

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